What Is Diastema? Explore Your Treatment Options‍

Do you have a gap between your teeth? In medical terms, this is called a “diastema”.

The condition can appear both in adults and children, and most of the time it doesn't pose any threats to your oral health. However, a large diastema may lead to some aesthetic issues, which is why many people want to get them fixed.

And the great news is that you have lots of options to remove a diastema. Check out this short blog post to find out more!

What Causes a Diastema?

Tooth gaps can be caused by various factors:

  • Genetics - Simply put, some people are generally predisposed to have gaps between their teeth. This is also the most common cause of diastemas;
  • Tooth size - Abnormal tooth sizes can create diastema;
  • Missing teeth - When teeth are missing, the remaining ones can shift in order to compensate for the extra space. This can cause diastema between your other teeth;
  • Gum disease - Advanced gum disease causes the gums to pull back and triggers reactions in your jaws, which can add gaps between your teeth.

Simply put, some people are just born with diastemas, while others may get them because of another dental health issue.

How Can You Fix a Diastema?

If you book a visit at Woburn Dental Associates to fix gapped teeth, we provide two possible solutions for you:

1. Dental Bonding

Dental bonding involves applying a special resin to the tooth in order to change its shape. With dental bonding, we can effectively close the gap between your teeth.

The material doesn’t affect your natural tooth in any way, so it’s a minimally-invasive procedure that you can reverse later on if you want to opt for other solutions. Moreover, the resin can match your tooth’s natural color, so it’s even a great choice to remove a gap from your front teeth.

Dental bonding is an affordable solution for gapped teeth. However, while the material is strong, it will not last a lifetime. You will likely need to get it changed in a few years, though some patients keep their dental bonding for even 10 years with the right maintenance.

2. Veneers

Veneers are a thin layer of porcelain that gets attached to the surface layer of the tooth to completely change its appearance. It can be used to resolve gapped teeth, as well as other cosmetic concerns like staining or discoloration.

Veneers are permanent and can last 10-15 years, even longer with proper care. But, they require the dentist to shave a bit of the tooth’s natural enamel, so it’s an irreversible procedure.

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