Dental Care in a Relaxing Environment

There is an easy solution for reducing dental anxiety. Even though our doctors make every effort to administer painless injections, some people are genuinely stressed by needles. In fact, for some people, the smell of the office or the mere thought of a dentist appointment will send their blood pressure soaring. We can help. One hour before your procedure, you can take a pill that we dispense to you. You will achieve a level of sedation where you can respond to questions but primarily sleep through your whole visit. This is perfect for reducing your anxiety, or if you have a busy schedule and want to get all your treatment done at one time.

Dentistry Without Drills or Needles?

Would you believe that tiny particles suspended in air have replaced the conventional dental drill for some procedures? Air abrasion is one of the most tremendous advances in recent dental history. The stream of particles can be aimed at the areas of decay and mist them away! The procedure is so gentle most patients require little to no anesthesia. Gone is the vibration and sound of the conventional drill, along with most of the pain. For many procedures, it’s good-bye needles, good-bye drill!


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Adam Marengi, DMD
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