Six Month Smiles™

Straight Teeth in Two Years? More Like Six Months!Cosmetic Dental Braces Woburn MA

Our team has met many adults who wish they’d gone through straightening when they were younger, so they could have even teeth and be less self-conscious when they smile. What holds them back now? They dread the long-term commitment of traditional orthodontics. Do you keep hiding your smile because the prospect of years in braces is too daunting?

Well, we have the solution you’ve been looking for! Six Month Smiles™ uses a gentle, revolutionary technique to move just the teeth seen when you smile. The accelerated method is very comfortable but can eliminate crowding, gaps, and even overlapping in six months or even less!

Another benefit to Six Month Smiles is how discreet they look. The clear brackets and clear or white-colored wires can barely be seen. Even though the process is fast, the method uses a low force that’s quite comfortable. The reduced treatment time also allows you to keep on top of your hygiene more easily, for an even cleaner look when it’s done.

Would you believe Six Month Smiles often costs less than veneers, aligner therapy, and even traditional braces? Say hello to gorgeous, straight teeth in a matter of months!

Six Month Smiles Dentist

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