All Brand New!

In our new offices we are using all the latest equipment available to modern dentistry – and this includes new chairs, cabinets, lights, autoclaves, and more. Our goal is to provide you with the most efficient, effective, and comfortable experience possible. Recent advances involve earlier detection and less-invasive treatment, which means greater dental precision and improved healing. We think you'll agree the results are exceptional.

75% Reduction in RadiationDigital Dental X-Rays Woburn MA

Here at Woburn Dental Associates℠, we use digital X-rays. This technology results in 75% less radiation than conventional X-rays. A digital sensor takes a picture of your mouth and downloads it into our computer, where it is immediately available. The lack of chemicals for developing also improves the impact on the environment.

Three-Dimensional Dentistry!

A normal X-ray produces a flat, two-dimensional image – helpful, but somewhat limited. We are excited to be one of the first practices in our area to use 3-D cone beam CT digital imaging technology by GALILEOS™. A three-dimensional image is more accurate, requires less time to create, and exposes you to less radiation. Ultra cone beam image technology is a boon for better implant placement, oral surgeries, and other dental treatment. It vastly improves our doctors’ ability to diagnose and evaluate treatment options, by allowing them to see a patient's anatomy in 3-D.

Microscopes in Dentistry – Accurate, Less Invasive Treatment Catches Problems When They Are SmallDental Microscope Dentist Woburn MA

A dental microscope allows our doctors to see the smallest problems. They can detect decay and tooth fractures at a much earlier stage. For our patients, this means more healthy tooth structure can be saved, fillings can be smaller, and tooth strength is greatly increased. Excellent visualization means more certainty that ALL decay is removed before the placement of fillings or crowns. Using the microscope guarantees that the final fit and finish of all fillings and crowns is more accurate. Better and smaller placements result in faster healing and less postoperative discomfort. Only a few dentists in our area have the expertise to utilize a dental microscope. Our doctors have extensive training and experience, which means improved care and comfort for you.

Intra-Oral Camera Makes You a Part of the TeamIntra-Oral Camera Woburn MA

In an effort to give you most information possible, we employ the use of an intra-oral camera. This tiny, high-tech video camera gives you a bird’s-eye view of the inside of your mouth. Together with our doctors you can see the state of your teeth and make more informed decisions to improve your overall dental health.

The Cleanest Your Teeth Can Be

We utilize a Piezo Scaler™ to eliminate deposits of plaque and tartar from your teeth, even under the gum line and in the deep pockets caused by gum disease. This hand tool uses high-frequency vibrations to allow us to strip deposits from your teeth faster than with traditional scaling instruments. Patients tell us they experience less discomfort and cleaner-feeling teeth with the Piezo Scaler.

Do You Regularly Experience Tension or Migraine Headaches?Migriane Headache Dental Treatment Woburn MA

We're pleased to announce that the NTI™ device is available at our practice! You may have seen Diane Sawyer discuss this treatment on Good Morning America, or maybe read about this device in People magazine. The FDA has approved this drug-free treatment for the prevention of migraine and tension headaches. The NTI device works by relaxing the muscles under the scalp to create a reduction in headaches. Clinical trials demonstrated that 82% of migraine sufferers received a 77% reduction in migraine events. It’s painless, quick, and inexpensive. If you are troubled by migraines, or know someone who is, please ask us about this amazing new treatment.

Nothing beats an easier, more comfortable dental visit. If you have questions about the latest dental technology, give us a call today at (781) 241-4288.